Saturday, July 30, 2011

Becoming a Newspaper

I was exploring mixing check prints today. Hype my look up on if you like it :D ! Here are more photos from the day:
How To Become A Newspaper:
Dress - Glam/Street Market in Athens,GA - $19.00
Vest - City Streets/Goodwill - $2.00
1) Dress in B&W 

 Bag - Nine West/Goodwill - $3.00

2) Be tossed around by the wind making your owner chase you

 Horn Necklace - Claire's - $9.00
9mm Bullet Necklace - Hodge Army Navy - $5.00

3) Have grainy bad pictures so no one REALLY can see what is actually going down. 
**This was my attempt to use film grain with a photo...alright I guess :/
 4) Be dismal, you are the news....when is news ever good?

 Boots - Dirty Laundry/DSW - $38.00
Tights - DIY/for sale at - $14.99
5) Beware of feet! They will stomp you!
Spike Bracelet - Claire's - $ 0.10
6) Have horrible hair like a reporter...they always have the most stiff hair...

So there you have it, steps 1-6 on how to become a newspaper. On a happier note, I chopped my hair today!! It looks soo much better. It actually has movement/choppy spots and is not so plain and one length blah! I am much happier with it. The day of this shot I was soo frustrated with my hair (and the 90 degree temp) I wanted to scream!!

I am going ice-skating tonight. Hopefully I will burn off some calories to get rid of my dumpy-looking frame and capture some winter pics for the winter contest at

FYI! tights may not me on the website tonight. I will have them up by Monday for purchase. If you would like to buy something from me that I have worn in any of my shots just mail me/comment and I'll let you know the price I would be willing to let it go for.



  1. You look amazing! I love the shoes! My dear, your frame is fine :)

  2. thanks! I tried to follow your blog, I don't know if it worked though! (I have the same problem with trying to find places for my pictures...I always feel like such a wierdo setting them up..)