Friday, August 5, 2011

Christmas In July!!!

It is blistering in this georgia heat and my fat dumpy body can't handle it. The solution? Iceskating! Here are the pictures and my attempt and the loose messy pouf bun and celebrating Christmas in July the best way I know how! (In a cold cold ice-skating rink so your nose turns red!!) It. Was. Awesome.

Sweater - Goodwill - $6.00

Leggings - Wetseal - $3.99
Ice Skates- Rental
Thick socks - Target - $1.99
Koy Fish Earrings - Apache Night Club Vendor - $17.99
Boyfriend - Mine - Priceless :D

Overall it was a very fun night except for those weird old guys that go to the iceskating rink and skate superfast who think they are super cool when in reality everyone is doing the southpark thing (Faggs! like the motorcyclists) LoL....But yea we had 2 of those guys on the rink almost knocking these poor kids over. I can barely skate and my Iranian friend Mo who has never even been on rollerblades suprisingly (and comically) picked it up AMAZINGLY fast. The next day however, was quite painful. 

That was my little Christmas in July celebrational activity finale! Maybe next year I will host a party....with a tree.. and presents...and cheesy X-mas specials....

**On a totally different note, I want to urge all of you to write your congress members in your state about HR 2306, entitled the ‘Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011'. Although I am not a smoker, I do believe that making marijuana illegal is constitutionally wrong. This act is set for debate in Congress THIS YEAR!! So, citizens of America, read my link, find your congressional member and write for your support!

Anywho...back to a more happy subject! Christmas in July!! I need to make my X-mas lists for what I am going to get everyone....I start early. If you buy last seasons winter stuff now, it is like seriously under $7.00; economically, shopping early is the best! (Plus you get an excuse to scope out all the new Fall 2012 items!!)



  1. Love your jumper! I need to start my christmas lists too... I always plan to do everything far in advance but never works out!xx

  2. Thanks! I know what you mean...things always get in the way of early x-mas shopping haha.