Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Runway 2 Realway

I was inspired by the runway look by ADAM for Resort 2012. I glammed it up a bit :D! I am going to try and do regular posts/updates where I take a runway look and get it for much less! My outfit, minus the handbag totals about 69 dollars. Pretty cheap... anywho I am going to try and do it more regularly. Having to post daily should kickstart me into actually losing the last 10lbs and help me get off my lazy but and actually start wearing my clothes rather than just looking at them.

Here was the inspired runway look from ADAM Resort 2012:

And here is my look:

If you like my look, hype it up at  lookbook (there should be a button somewhere on my blog) if not go here:www.lookbook.nu/Ashley-shantelle :D. Well I am off to study. Due to my mental breakdown the other day (I was freaking out about my college tuition and not being able to finish on time then realizing if I don't finish I won't have insurance blah blah blah...) basically, my thoughts were racing out of control. If you want to support my fund, you can do so here:BiPolarFund I am doing much better today and ready to catch up. 
Until tomorrow!


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