Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hello everyone!
I have been absent for a while. School is kicking my ass. Just some info for ya if you are following me or Age Of Taurus.
1) Sorry. I have neglected blogger but I am now on tumblr. Here:
 * Tumblr has an easier format to follow so I have been updating rather regularly on there.

2) I am totally revamping the site I am going to be getting rid of a lot of the Designer merchandise and start focusing on my own handmade product. Just be patient. I promise it will be worth the wait. I will also be selling on Etsy soon too to get more recognition.

3) You can also follow me on polyvore here:

You can win contests for free clothes but I have been busy on that front as well. The best way to reach me is tumblr.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gratitude & Rollerblading

I have been doing a lot of shopping lately and have been very inspired especially from some tumblr's. Right now I have been really into leggings, rugged type shoes and open knitting. I found some really cool etsy shops that have bone/natural material based jewelry too.

I got some great news in regards to getting a real physical storefront. My mother has decided to go through with getting a space in an area that has a lot of foot traffic and a built in customer base. Right now they are working closing and hopefully the shop will be open in April. I will get a spot in the space. FINALLY. I have  a lot of work to do though before then. I need to come up with my first real collection for the shop which is harder than it sounds. Thank-god for polyvore because I am not the world's best sketcher ( although I hope to take some classes so I can sketch exactly what is in my mind rather than using an approximation from other designers pieces. I will be doing another contest through my polyvore (just click any of my sets on the banner above) for a destructed denim giveaway in celebration of all the good things happening in my life. Gratitude is key. Anywho. I feel like things are finally falling in place now all I need is to lose 9lbs and I have my body back too Woo Hoo! Roller blading tomorrow. :D

I am doing this tomorrow. She makes Rollerblading look sexy :D Not cheesy haha…man…in the late 80’s/early 90’s I was all about the blades. I still have the same pair because my feet never grew. <333 Rollerblading buddies in ATL anyone??

Good Night luvly's!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Does anyone else watch pretty little liars? I do and I am obsessed with Aria's style. That is honestly the main reason I watch it. Anyways, in the spirit of getting things done I wanted to post these pics of her outfit last night that was amazing.

Those outfits were amazing. I want to go slash up my leggings and wear a dog chain necklace lol...

Elfin' Around

So I was inspired by pictures of fae and elves and decided to do a look that was inspired by that. It really got me thinking in a different direction in regards to design and composition for my clothing line at I plan on doing some work on some pieces today and I will be updating my as well....been FOREVER! Here are the photos from today:

- dress H&M 29$
- Tights Walmart 3$
- boots Charlotte Russe 15$
- bracelets .10-5$
- headband .50
- Jacket Daniel Rainn 8$
- Assymetrical top Free People 15$
- Necklaces 2-8$

On a side note...You ever have those days where you really need to get things done that others don't deem important? It seems to happen to me a lot. My blog, my website, polyvore,, and facebook are all important tools I use for networking and getting the word out about my site I look at this as work. My new years resolution was to work 10am-5pm on non-school days so I can actually get some products up on the site and get my Etsy shop opened. I appreciate those of you that have helped spread the word and participated in my contests. Currently I have one going on to win a shredded scarf! Check it out here: I really hope these links work...I don't want to have to go back in and re-edit. Hype up my look on lookbook too! (I'll add the link later). Thank-you all for your support and keep checking the blog, the website and participating in group contests to win free clothes!!